We have hundreds of testimonials than we care to publish. We cannot publish all of the rave reviews and testimonials we receive with every job we complete for our esteemed customers, and we are humbled ourselves that they keep coming. Here are just a few that space allows to publish:

i. I am glad that my sister recommended MyHomeTop for my roofing needs. We contacted them and within an hour they landed my place, and we discussed at length about what I’d need and what I plan to gain by a particular design. I am surprised at their deep knowledge of design and building, and it turned out that they helped construct a great roofing that exceeded my expectations in spite of their low estimate to do the job.

ii. This firm helped build our patio and we have enjoyed it ever since. We now use our patio for all purposes. We use it for meditation, exercises, party, and even for home business. They helped provide colorful patio covers that help regulate the amount of sunlight. People now commend us for having such exquisite patio and patio covers – but they do not know that MyHomeTop is our secret.

iii. I have always wanted a company that could design and build a functional greenhouse for me and I was glad when I heard of this company. They are wonderful and they deliver quick and prompt building services without sacrificing quality. They also work within deadlines to enable you meet your objectives. I’ll sure recommend them to all my friends and associates.

iv. My family is ever grateful to this company for restoring the use of our pool, and they also tried a lot in renovating and remodeling my kitchen and bathroom. It is a delight to have them work on your project and I’m glad to I listened to advice to invite them. Thanks a lot, guys!